Annual Plays


2023 - Bhoy -E- Bhelki

The story is set in a small backwater village of West Bengal, where we encounter a malicious and evil man named Dhonurdhari. He is the centre of all kinds of malicious and evil deeds, including witch hunting. The story has elements of dark humour and melodrama, through many twists and turns. The play involves various emotions such as sadness, anger and anxiety, as the story gradually unfolds into a happy and humorous ending, using a beautifully orchestrated flashback sequences. In case you missed it, watch out as per below link in Showcase Videos...


2021 - Sanjhbela

"স্মৃতিও এক এক দিন সত্যি হয়ে ওঠে" ... অন্তরের আলোয় সুপ্ত ভালোবাসার উন্মেষে - মন চায়ে নির্মল এক বন্ধুত্ব, কিন্তু তখন যে জীবনের সাঁঝবেলা.. Sreemoyee is a nurse in a small-town hospital. She is content with her job and her grown up children Esha and Ani. The tranquility of the household is shattered by a train accident and the arrival of a stranger suffering from amnesia. What happens next - watch the drama unfolding with our in-house team as per below link in Showcase Videos...

Shorkari Officer

2019 - Shorkari Officer

Our annual play for this year a satire, based on a play written by Nikolai Gogol in the early 19th century, which was later translated into Bengali by famous novelist Pramatha Nath Bishi about 75 years back. We are delighted to present it to you here in Auckland. watch the drama unfolding with our in-house team as per below link in Showcase Videos...


2018 - Shakkhi

We, the Bengalee's have an instinct of smelling suspense, which instantly awakes the sleeping “Byomkesh” or “Feluda” inside us. This is a common human psychology to get attracted to the “whodunnit” stories across a wide range of the population. This year it was SUSPENSE as the genre for the annual play. Watch the play below. Click above image to view the photos.


2017 - Boro Pishima

A host of colorful characters of various shades including a paan chewing fun loving aunt, a highly strung director, two overzealous stage assistants, an aspirant actress, two candidly innocent children and several nervous actors of various dimensions take the audience on a hilariously funny ride that captures the joy and celebration of a small community getting together to have innocent fun!. Watch the play below

Annual Events and Cultural Shows


2023 - Rabindra Nazrul Sondhya - Poncho Kobi

Probasee NZ Annual cultural show this year presented a mix of Dance, Recitation, Extempore with Life stories of five great poets of Bengal, Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Rajanikanto Sen, Atul Prasad and Dwijendra Lal Roy. Enjoy the showcase of the grand event in our youtube archives below.


Anandomela 2022

Probasee NZ organised the Anandomela 2022 as a curtain raiser for the upcoming Durga Puja, with a gala evening of Fun N Frolic with Kolkata style street food and Adda. This year it was special with post-covid get together with crowds getting behind after a long hiatus. Enjoy the video blog of the grand event in our archives below.


2020 - More Aaro Dao Pran

Probasee New Zealand celebrated 159th birth anniversary of India’s first Nobel laureate Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore as their Annual showcase. Contributions to the field of literature, music and art still hold relevance from the “Bard of Bengal”, as in his own words -- "In Art, man reveals himself and not his objects.". This program was conceptualised during the Lock-down period while all were at home across the globe over video conference from USA, India, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Enjoy the recording session of "মোরে আরো দাও প্রাণ - More Aaro Dao Pran" hosted on 9th May 2020 at below links in Youtube.


2019 - Alo Andhare Amar Kobi

Probasee Annual showcase - A tribute to Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, first Asian to win a Nobel prize (for literature), Kazi Nazrul Islam, a rebel poet who was honoured as the national poet of Bangladesh and Kishore Kobi Sukanto as well, for his literary contribution at the young age. These three icons of Bengali literature were always in favour of the betterment of humankind. Click above image to view the photos.

Poncho Kobi

2018 - Poncho Kobi Loho Pronam

A tribute to the five Great poets of Bengal, Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Jibananda Das, Atul Prasad and Dwijendra Lal Roy, through a wonderful mix of songs, extempore, recitation and dance. Click above image to view the photos.


2017 - Rabindra Nazrul Sandhya

A tribute to Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam on their birthday celebration, on our annual cultural show, with a mix of Dance Drama, songs and recitation. Click above image to view the photos.


2016 - Noboroshe Rabindranath and Hey more Bidrohi

A rendition of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's Nine emotions of Human being, with a mix of dance drama, recitation and songs. The 2nd part depicted our tribute to Kazi Nazrul, musician and revolutionary who pioneered poetic works espousing intense spiritual rebellion against fascism and oppression. Click above image to view the photos.

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