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2017 Annual play was 'BORO PISHIMA' which ran two highly successful sold out shows

Probasee Natya Sangha, the local community theatre group, is rehearsing for their maiden production Kal Baisakhi. The play is hardly ready needing intense rehearsals. Anu plays the lead role and is the main stay of this production when two days before the play her strict, conservative and tyrannical Boro Pishima arrives unannounced from Lucknow. Even Anu’s father, the Professor is terrorised by her. If she comes to know, she would never let Anu do theatre on stage. Never! The drama unfolds in Anu’s lounge which has been doubling up as the rehearsal space! The company is terrorised, nervous, confused. The only ray of hope is Sambhu, the stage manager who is a cool customer with the brain of a “master criminal”.

A host of colorful characters of various shades including a paan chewing fun loving aunt, a highly strung director, two overzealous stage assistants, an aspirant actress, two candidly innocent children and several nervous actors of various dimensions take the audience on a hilariously funny ride that captures the joy and celebration of a small community getting together to have innocent fun!

Original Playwright: Badal Sircar
Devised & Directed by: Amit Ohdedar
Video Credit: Rahul Banerjee

2018 Annual play was 'Shakkhi' which also ran two highly successful sold out shows

Re-written and Directed by - Shibashis Dutta Choudhury Photography - Swayam Sarkar

Directors Note - Probasee have a long history of staging astounding productions since its inception. I have been involved in few of them over last eight years. This year the directorial baton is handed over to me. I have directed few productions in the past, but this would be my first directorial venture for Probasee. This year, I have chosen a genre, what I did not come across during my tenure with Probasee and that is “Suspense”. This is a common human psychology to get attracted to the “whodunnit” stories across a wide range of the population. We, the Bengalee's have an instinct of smelling suspense, which instantly awakes the sleeping “Byomkesh” or “Feluda” inside us. Hope you will enjoy it. We had to work under a very tight timeframe, about ten weeks only in hand to stage it. But it could become possible only because of massive support from the entire team. I must mention the tremendous effort put by the publicity team as well. It was a privilege to work with such a talented and tireless bunch of people. Last but not the least, a special thanks to all of you for coming and encouraging us. Your enjoyment will be the most prized outcome of our effort.

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