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শুভ মহালয়ার আন্তরিক প্রীতি ও শুভেচ্ছা

Latest News and Announcements

Mahalaya - Our Auckland radio station Humm FM 106.2 will be broadcasting 'Mahalaya', on Sunday 7th Oct 2018, from 5:40AM to 7:00AM, Tune up to listen the timeless chants and the soul-stirring melody.

*** Upcoming Durga Puja - 19th to 21st Oct 2018 at Athia Trust Hall, Onehunga

We rely on the generosity of our sponsors and members to fund our various activities during the year. All donations big or small are gratefully accepted.

- To donate, please deposit your donation into ASB account 12-3064-0202393-00

- For Sponsorship and Advertisement related enquiries, please contact us HERE

- Probasee organised Anandomela 2018 on 29th Sep 2018, an evening of Fun, Food and Shopping for upcoming Durga Puja. For images refer to Gallery page.

- Probasee staged it's annual Bengali play "Shakkhi" on 28th and 29th July 2018. For images and videos, refer to Gallery page.

- Indian Weekender features Probasee's "Poila Boishak" celebrations. View the article HERE

Our Sponsors and Donors...

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